Lavinia Smerconish

Lavinia Smerconish

Real Estate Salesperson

“Location, location, location.” It’s the time-honored real estate mantra. It also helps explains Lavinia’s success.

Save four years spent obtaining her undergraduate degree at Duke, Lavinia has been in one location her entire life – Philadelphia’s Main Line.  She was raised in the shadows of Lankenau Hospital (where her father, a prominent orthopedist, enjoyed privileges). She attended the Baldwin School for Girls in Bryn Mawr from K-12, and soon after graduating from college, obtained her real estate license while living in Gladwyne. At different times, she has also resided in Strafford, Bryn Mawr, and Villanova.

The combination of her own life experiences, work in the community, and the raising of her own four children have given her an encyclopedic knowledge of the towns from Wynnewood to West Chester. If there were a test for prospective Realtors similar to that which is administered to aspiring London cabbies (“the Knowledge”), Lavinia would ace it. She knows the streets, avenues, and cul-de-sacs like the back of her hand. She’s conversant about the local zoning, has knowledge of the architects, and has worked with most contemporary builders. She can drive down many the Main Line street and tell you not only who lives were but also what they paid and when. That is an awareness learned over decades. 

But Lavinia’s accomplishment cannot simply be explained by the zip codes in which she has resided. To become one of the highest producing real estate professionals in the nation requires more than just being in the right place at the right time. Ask the many satisfied clients who have worked with her throughout the years, and you will find that her success is attributable to the combination of hard work, ethics, and her deep appreciation for her home community.

No one will outwork her. She has earned a stellar reputation by always making her clients’ interests her paramount concern. Her compassion for her clients, expertise in the market, and attention to detail have proven second to none. And her vast connections to all the local players and Main Line elite simply cannot be equaled.

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